Philosophy, Religion

What if you’re wrong?

A few days ago, April 20, 2017, was National Ask an Atheist Day. The day is sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance, and is intended to be ... ... an opportunity for secular groups across the country to work together to defeat stereotypes about atheism and encourage courteous dialogue between believers and nonbelievers alike. The… Continue reading What if you’re wrong?

Psychology, Science

To be or not to not be, that is the question.

Are you a glass-is-half-full person or a glass-is-half-empty person? Aren't they the same thing? Could two phrases, with the exact same meaning but different word choice, elicit different responses? Here’s a game you can play that will tell you a little bit about how your brain works. The game is taken from Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s… Continue reading To be or not to not be, that is the question.